First of all, my dog’s name is Pucca and she is a labrador (And also a cutie with a very dangerous tongue).

Once upon a time a few years ago(Actually last year) there was a naive and a little dumb person who wanted to take her dog outside for a walk,both animals were very excited about that but the person’s mother told them that they can’t run,just walk around the neighborhood.

Both creatures nodded and went out happily for a walk together,obviously Pucca was wearing her brown chestnut and walking near her person.The person wanted to do at least 3 laps around her school because of the other dogs who lived beyond that area.

First lap was a little hard because of the great and strong Pucca’s excitement.Second one was relaxed,Pucca started to chill a little bit…oh but the third one!The third one was like she drank a few gallons of gatorade because Pucca started to run and taking me with her.

My hands and feet couldn’t resist and I fell down so hard dropping Pucca’s belt.I only saw her running away from me thinking I’m with her,I didn’t nothing but lead down my head and cry because of my hurted knees and the fact Pucca was gone.But suddenly I heard some steps and a heavy breathing.Finally I felt a very wet tongue in my face,It was her!And she was trying to make me feel better!

In short! Dogs are very loyal and kind! Take care of these awesome creatures!