Last year, something without precedent happened in Tampico. Something that nobody thought could’ve happened, not in a million years, since this town has a tropical weather.

I can still remember this one teacher of mine that used to say every January at the start of the school year that this would be the year Tampico would finally receive a hail storm. Of course, everybody would just play along to keep her satisfied. I, as many of my classmates and most of the school corps, thought she was crazy.

Last year I decided to ask her during our class why was she so kin on the idea that this city, a coastal city, would have a hailstorm. She finally told me that her mother had passed away three years prior to my generation entering our high school, around March of that year. My teacher said that before she passed away, she said to her: “I get the feeling there’s going to be a hailstorm pretty soon”.

I’m a really skeptical person when it comes to this kind of things, so I just gave her an understanding smile and went to my desk, quickly texting my friends about what I had just heard from her.

And just a week after that, it actually happened. I still remember being in my room playing Bayonetta for the umpteenth when I heard a banging noise in the roof. I heard my mom run outside, just to proceed to yell my name for me to go to our yard as well. It was unbelievable. Isn’t it weird how we always remember exactly what we were doing before something important happens to us?

To this day I still find amazing how, the teacher I though was just holding on to nostalgia, ended up being absolutely right.