Few many years in that place, occurred a tragic accident.

Four teenagers went to the carnival that the people celebrate in the month of July, near 1 or 2 a.m., they came back to their home but the car overturn because the person who was driving went too fast and lost the control of the car. Unfortunately, two of them die, one had injuries and one unharmed.

Weeks ago, people started to perceive strange presences, for example, a guard while he was making his rounds he perceived a stranger presence, like a young woman, she only appear for a moment and then disappear, exactly in front of the place where the accident took place, he listened sound as if someone was throwing metal objects to the ground.

He said that he didn’t feel scare because he knows that in the same place occurred more accidents before and it’s normal these kinds of events.

Other testimony is about a neighbor that live near of the place of the accident, he said that by routine, first he closes the window and then turn off the television but that night he did the things by different way, first turn off the television and then close the window but when he was closing the window he saw a person in the cross that is in the place of the accident, he only turned around and went to sleep, he felt a little bit of scare because is hard see something like that and because he knew the person.

Both men aren’t the only people who saw the young woman, more people said the same, include people went to see who is the person that appear but when they were near the silhouette disappear.