I was born in Tampico City, but there’s another city (Madero) that is near to Tampico, is almost 2 cities in one. What I love about Tampico-Madero is the Playa Miramar, Tacos Ana y Tortas de la Barda. Tampico-Madero has different places to have a picnic, go to run, spend time with Friends and family:  The Downtown of Tampico, Laguna Del Carpintero, Altama, Playa Miramar, Parque Bicentenario, just for mention some of them.

My city has a lot of delicious food such as Carne a la Tampiqueña, Jaibas and other type of seafood, but the most famous food here is La Torta de la Barda, when you visit Tampico is indispensable to eat one with a refreshing Escuis. Tampico is not that bigger compared with other cities but the area has a lot of tourists in the high seasons and the people enjoy spend time in here.


Priscila Abigail Martínez Arán