I was born in Tampico a beautiful city. I grew up playing outside my house with my neighbors, playing hide and seek or just hanging around with them.

I always loved that Tampico is near the Gulf of Mexico, so it has a beautiful beach. You can go to the ‘escolleras’ and walk all the way to where the ships arrive. You can go and ride your bike, watch the raccoons that are there, or just laying around the sand near the clear blue water.

What I love the most of Tampico is the food. Every person that lives here can assure you that the food is very delicious. Starting for the specialty: ‘Torta de la Barda’, if you came to Tampico and you didn’t eat ‘Torta de la Barda’ you didn’t come at all. Also we have ‘Carne a la Tampiqueña’ is basically steak with enchiladas, guacamole, beans and cheese, it is really a delight. And let’s not forget about the seafood, because of Tampico being near the Gulf of Mexico it has a variety of seafood and all is delicious.

So, I th14ink that I wouldn’t change Tampico for another city to live in. Because besides all the bad things that happen here, there’s always more good than bad. The people here is very welcoming, and they always will treat you good. Tampico, would always be my favorite city in Mexico.


Scarlett Castro Ramos