When I was younger I used to go a lot to the funfair in Tuxtla Gutierrez, because my mother’s family used to live there so we commonly visit them. I always loved funfairs, they’re really interesting and fun to me, but I had never gone to the funfair in Tampico and since there was so much insecurity in the city I wasn’t able to go for a long time, until things started to get better. Let me tell you that it is a very nice experience, people are really nice, the food is really good and the attractions in general were really fun, my friends from other cities love to come to Tampico because of its people and the places you can visit. Another really fun thing is the little trip around the lagoon, where you can see the crocodiles which is something really impressive to be honest, and you can learn a little bit of history, when I first went with my mom I wasn’t expecting much, but actually is something really pretty and that you should do at least once. Tampico is a beautiful city with really nice things to offer.