Hi again, today I’m going to write about 3 places where I would like to live in so..

I would like to live here in Tampico, because it is a beautiful city, most of the people hates living here because it’s a very small town but that is something that I like about living here, and we have a beach, and the food from here is very delicious.

Another place where I’d like to live in is Fort Worth, Texas, since I was 2 weeks old I went there to visit my family. I have a lot of family there, that’s why I have the possibility to live there, they can support me finding a job, school or a house.

What I like about Fort Worth is that it’s near Dallas, Houston, and you can find awesome places to visit, and also having part of my family with me.

Another place is Canada but I think about this place more for vacation because it’s too far from Mexico. Canada is a nice country but a little expensive to live in, so I think Canada is my dream place to live, I will consider it only if I can have my family with me, otherwise I won’t.

Lucero LópezRivas