Well the country of my dreams is Germany. But why? Its really weird the way that i fell in love with Germany. All began since I saw the Fifa World Cup from 2006, in that world cup Germany won the third place. It’s weird because I don’t like football but when Germany was having a game I always wanted to see them. All the players catch my attention (all of them are really handsome), so I knew the existence of that country.

I was 8 years old so i think it’s okay if I don’t have any idea about Germany.

I like the language that they speak, German. I would like to know more about their culture and the way that they live. I think the places in Germany are so beautiful even though I’ve only seen them in pictures. I want to visit all of them. The only thing that I have a big problem which is that I don’t know how to write or speak German, I can barely do it in english.

But that will not stop me and I will do my best to learn that language.

Because I’m sure someday I’ll go to visit Germany.


Irma Esmeralda García Contreras