Hi guys I’m José Carlos and I’m back with another blog entry.

I’m a guy who recently has the curiosity to make a journey but not any trip, I always travel with my family and they pay all the expenses and they are in charge of all the logistics and stuff but I want something different, travel by my own, be a little bit independent and don’t depend on my parents.

But this is the thing, I have two places to go, I thank God for giving me the chance, the time and the money to go, but I don’t know where.

Canada? I have the chance to go and study English for 3 weeks in Ottawa, enjoying the incredible and cold weather of Canada, I think this will be an incredible place to go first time by myself, it’s secure, has my favorite weather (cold), and it’s a place where I could improve my English skills, but it’s a little bit expensive.


Colombia? I also have the opportunity to make a journey to Colombia with the organization AIESEC, which gives me the shot to go and make voluntary work helping people who need it and sounds incredible and it’s cheaper than Canada, but it’s less safe than Ottawa, there’s always hot as well, but the good thing is that it’s a place where they speak Spanish, it’s so colorful and has this Latin tradition that I would like to live with.

But well, what do you think? Canada or Colombia? Leave your thoughts below in the comments! Thanks for reading and see you!