Even though I’ve never been there, Italy has to be one of my favorite countries because of some reasons:

  1. The delicious cuisine: there’s no question about this, the food in Italy is one of the best in the world! Pizza, pasta, gelato…everything is just simply delicious.
  2. Their culture and art amaze me: Rome, Florence, Venice are simply beautiful and anywhere you look at is full of art. One of my greatest passions is art so by living in Italy I get to see the renaissance, roman and Etruscan art.
  3. I think Italy is a true European gem; it is the closest to my personal paradise, the best of the best.

There’s just one thing that I’m afraid of living there: the language. And don’t get me wrong, Italian is beautiful but I suck at learning it, I’ve tried twice to learn Italian but my brain just can’t retain it. But you know what? That will not be an obstacle to fulfill my dream of living there.

Valeria Gallifa De la Fuente