My dream place to live in doesn’t have a name, but I’m going to describe it.  Yes of course I’d like it to be a big city, with beautiful landscapes and skyscrapers, a beach where I can go everyday, many fancy hotels and restaurants with every type of food,  but instead of that I’m going to describe it a little bit different.

This city I’m talking you about has a small population, there is no traffic in the streets and most of the people know each other. They are friendly, honest and good. That is why there is no insecurity, children can play in the streets without their parents worrying about them, young people who go out at night to parties can have fun without danger, and adults can go to work safely and they can return home without any problem.

This city has a wonderful weather, it’s sunny almost everyday,  you can smell peace and tranquility.

Of course this city is fake, but I bet everyone that is reading this wants to live in a place like this.