I’ve always dreamt of living in New York City, I’ve only been there once but that’s all it took me to fall in love with this place, I think it’s my dream place.

I love New York because of its lights, the people and all the amazing places you found in every corner, it’s definitely the city that never sleeps.

Walking in the streets of New York City is a great experience. I know that if I lived there I would have to get used to the noise and the insane amount of people you see every day, but I know it would be great.

The time I visited NYC, I got the chance to meet Tom Hardy. I was walking on the street when we saw that they were putting on a red carpet, so we asked what would happen in there and they told us it was the after party for Batman, so we stayed and we got to take a picture with Tom Hardy which was amazing, so if that happened in one day I can’t imagine how many things would happen to me if I lived there.