A few months ago a terrible thing happened to me and my family we have a very bad lose, one of my favorite people in the world passed terrible things and then she is in a better place, this history begins like this…The last year my cousin announced to my family that he will get married, my family gets so happy because we saw that he was so happy with the girl.

Her mom was so happy because he was her favorite son, I was surprised but obviously happy because I saw him like a big brother because her mom take her of my since I was little because my parents worked all day so I grew up with them. Then the time passed and I can’t wait because I was so excited I think that I was so nervous than my cousin, then my mom and I started searching for the dresses we will used in the wedding, we want to have a fabulous dress because this wedding was so important to us, so when the day of the wedding was we passed a beautiful night we dance, sing  and get a little bit drunk ,, the wedding was beautiful and my aunt was so happy years ago she got sick and she also dies but she says that she only pray and say to god that the only thing she want it’s to be in the wedding of his son, so she was so happy that god let her be that day, at the next day was the tornaboda in the house of my aunt we were all dancing in the garage when the most terrible thing happened… my aunt died we couldn’t do anything. Ii felt so bad because I can’t do anything but now I feel better because I know that she is in a better place and she take care of me every day.