From books, movies, videogames or tv series, it doesnt matter where they come from, we all have at least one fictional character that we really love because of their appearance, behavior or their way to see life but how can we feel this way about someone who doesnt exist?

Creating a good character is not an easy job: The creator of the character has to think about the audience they are trying to reach so they can make it relatable to that specific audience. For example, why do we like Walter White from the tv show “Breaking Bad” so much? Because he’s a man who starts from being a little shy and powerless to become into a man of action, the one who gives orders and “the one who knocks”. I bet most of the male audience would like to become like that (without the part of being a drug lord, of course) and thats the reason we like that character: because we can relate to him, we creat a emotional link with him and we start to like him because of that.

Theres characters for all kinds of people: characters that are kings, superheroes, doctors or just simple persons but they all have something that we can relate to, so search for a good movie or tv show and enjoy them!

By Martin Castillo