Is a comedy that reveals moments of tension, suspense, action, adventure and drama for everything that surrounds the main plot. In this movie, three friends realize that their respective bosses are the only thing that makes their lives absolutely and utterly miserable. Although it seems like a simple story of three friends who have nothing better to do than try to assassinate their three most feared “enemies”, it is actually a subtle way of showing the alienated world in which we live, in which stress blinds us, and how sometimes only friends help us get ahead of our deepest fears and obstacles.

While friends have been represented in various films that demonstrate the bonds created with time and love, lately in this style of comedies, it is the groups of friends (all men) that are moving a lot of different stories that have Filled the billboards in recent years. These three friends, who are like brothers, are respected, tolerated and appreciated, as they are, and will be for each other, as musketeers, to give a life lesson to the viewer, not only about the value of friendship, but also on what to do and what not to do so as not to lose life in the attempt.

Aram Mendiola Huerta.