We have all gone through a sad or difficult time in our lives. Many times we just want to start from scratch, either by losing someone, feeling depressed by something, or just stuck in the routine.

For many of us, making life choices doesn’t come easily.

You are changing.  The universe around you is changing.  Just because something was right for you in the past doesn’t mean it still is.

I invite  you to always look forward and I’ll tell you some tips to take it, accept the truth and be thankful.      To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, and helped you learn and grow.

Distance yourself for a while.

Take a break and explore yourself, the things you really like, the music , the food, your habits, everything about you, take a break of the social media and the drama with your friends or family, maybe you could travel just by your own.


















Focus only on what can be changed.

Realize that not everything in life is meant to be a routine or perfect. Live, let go, learn what you can and don’t waste energy worrying about the things you can’t change.

Change the people around you.

Some people came into our lives but sometimes they  are supposed to be part of our memory, not your destiny.