We all grew up with Disney-Pixar movies, and I believe that these movies have a teaching and it could be different in every person…

The first movie in my list is Toy Story, and I’m talking about the 3 movies, I can see this movie over and over again, I just saw it this past Saturday. The teaching in this movie is about friendship, and that true friends can give up things for you. I also love the soundtrack, the songs are very beautiful.

Another movie is Finding Nemo, my family and I enjoy watching this movie together, and this movie is about family and friends, that friends can also become family, no matter how you are.

The last movie is Frozen, the teaching in this movie is to be who you are and not what others tell you that you have to be, and about true love but I ignore that part. I looove the soundtrack of this movie, I know all the songs, I also downloaded all the songs in my phone, my little sister shares the love I have for frozen and sometimes we sing the songs until my mom makes us stop.

These times everybody is talking about the hidden messages that Disney put in their movies, but everyone see what they want to see because a movie is an art expression, so the artist expresses their feelings, their thoughts in their work, and the public interprets the film in the way they want.

Lucero López Rivas