Tampico is beautiful city at sea level, it has lots of beautiful places to go, here we have a beautiful beach, and also there’s the pier where you can go to take a long walk and feed the raccoons.

Near the beach there’s a beautiful ecologist park called “Parque bicentenario” where you can go to spend a time with nature and your family or friends. There’s a small lake where there are lot of ducks, you can ride bikes and also there’s an aviary where you can see different kinds of birds.

Also there’s the laguna del carpintero which is a small lagoon at the center of the town where there are crocodiles. Don’t forget to visit the center of Tampico which is a historic center where you can visit the municipal palace where there’s a little museum.

Tampico has lot of places to visit and lot of places to have fun with your family and friends.


Mariana Villaseñor