For all the fans of Nintendo, the last weekend was one of the most wanted because Nintendo Switch launched the beta of Splatoon 2, an uncommon shooter where the objective is control territory.

The inklings who are the protagonists of the game (a kind of squid/kid) fight in a turf war with all kind of weapon. But in this beta, we only could choose between a splatershot (a water gun, but with ink), a splat roller, a splat charger (sniper) and the splat dualies (the new weapons).

Because the majority of the weapons were in the last game, I’m only gonna talk about the splat dualies and some changes in the old weapons. I was so hyped by the splat dualies, there are two weapons (one for each hand) that have a good cadency and damage, and there is a new function only for this arm that allow you to “roll” in the direction you’re moving, it’s very effective on 1on1 but the disadvantage is that you can’t jump while you’re shooting, so it is more focused on killing other players.

About the other weapons, there are some changes to balance the game. The roller now shoots in straight line while jumping with a little more range. And the splat charger shines when you’re loading the shot so you don’t go unnoticed.

I thought this little adjustment is for good, because the players abused the advantages of those weapons and the online experience was excellent, at least I didn’t have any problem.


Luis Javier Hervert Cadena