For Carl Jung there are four basic psychological functions: think, feel, intuit and perceive. In each person one or more of this functions have a particular emphasis.

From this four basic functions, Jung said that they can make two types of character: the introverted and the extrovert. Also because of this two types could exist eight types of personality.


Is characterized by:

  1. They are interested in the exterior reality.
  2. They make decisions in function of what other people could think of them.
  3. Ethics and moral are built in based of what it’s happening in the world.
  4. They are suggestible and they need to imitate.
  5. They need to be seen and recognized by others.


This people are characterized by:

  1. They are worried for their feelings and thoughts.
  2. They act according to their feelings, even if they go outside the reality.
  3. They are not worried for the consequences of these acts in the world.
  4. They have difficulty fitting and adapting to the environment

With this classification we could find the eight types of personality in each character, and they are going to be adapted to each one. These are: reflexive, sentimental, intuitive y perceptive.