I’m going to talk about the movie jumper, this movie is about a guy called David. He was abandoned by his mother at the age of 5 years, since that day he was living with his alcoholic father.

He always has been in love with Millie but she had no clue!!!

On a winter day when he was at high school he discovered that he can teleport himself instantaneously to any place he wants, so he escapes from his home and his father and start robbing banks. After some unexplained robs, he caught the attention of some government agents that started hunting him.

Eight years later the hunters lead by Roland discover the location of his house and found the photographs of him around the world. While Roland was searching for clues in the house, David arrive and start fighting with Roland, in the middle of the fight David teleport himself to his old home.

David visit his father and then went to Millie’s house where her mom told him that Mille started working at the bar in the campus.

David went to the bar looking for her, but when he finally saw her, he couldn’t get the courage to talk to her, when David was leaving the bar he noticed a guy annoying Millie so David went to defend Millie and start fighting with the guy, in the middle of this fight David teleport himself and the other guy to the first bank he robbed.

After that he came back to Millie and start talking about their lives when he finally invited her to travel whit him to Rome, Millie agreed and they went there.

Later in the movie he found a guy who told him about Roland and the paladins, and offered to help him fight them.

In the end, David save Millie form Roland and went to his mom’s home to finally talk with her. His mom told him that she needed to abandon him because he teleports himself at the age of 5 years and she was part of the paladins, so it was either to kill him or abandon him.

So finally, he told Millie to leave their old lives and start traveling around the world while they could.



Karian Eloisa Ramírez Valdez