It was a cheery sunny day, I woke up with the soothing sound of the birds that

passed by my window. The beautiful orange rays of the sun were coming from the

horizon giving the morning this relaxing sensation.

I put my clothes on and went downstairs, there was my father sitting on the table

reading the newspaper and my mother preparing breakfast.

“Good morning son”, said my father. “It seems to be a nice day”.

“Yeah I sure feel rested”, I said.

“Hurry up!” said my mom, “or you’ll be late for school”.

“Mom, there’s not a single day in which I’ve been early to school”, I said.

And then, with an indignant accent, my mother said,

“My dear Edmure, you should know by now that there’s a beginning to everything”.

I just nodded, ate my breakfast and got to the car.

When I got to school, I joined my friends, we were talking about all the homework

assignments that we had. Time passed, I was working, and fell really bored.

I laid down my head on my school desk and gazed at my pencil, high school is


It’s funny how I have all my tools sharpened and clean but my pencil is so short

and ugly,

I just kept looking and realized that there was something there, my pencil moved

by millimeters and I thought this was very interesting. I thought I should’ve been

sleeping or fantasizing but it wasn’t actually my hyperactive teenager imagination,

my pencil was actually moving. In fact, my desk was trembling, I looked away and

all my classmates were shocked to see everything shaking. The professor looked

at us and said, “Calm down and evacuate immediately”.

I’ve never been in an earthquake, and this seemed like an aggressive one.

Everyone was raving and yelling, I just walked away and saw all the things fall

down, people screaming, disaster everywhere,

I thought, “God, nature has no mercy”. This earthquake was 5 minutes long,

without a doubt, one of the longest, my parents got to the school after this and

hugged me.

Who would think that a lovely day could turn into such disgrace? I learned to value

simple, everyday things, because, who knows? Events come from nowhere, and

yes, there is a beginning to everything and this new beginning changed my life.