The pain is something common in my life. I’ve always been fragile or sick but I’ve never had something so serious. The most dangerous that happened to me was when I received a two wheels skate as a present for my birthday.

It was so hard to control at first but after a half hour I could ride it and turn to right or left. My brother also has one so we decided to go to the graveyard behind our house, where there is a lonely and very steep street. So we climb to the top, and when he was ready (‘cause obviously I wasn’t), he pushed me so I started descending. For my luck, the street was rough and I started to lose control. Finally, I fell using my right arm and leg to absorb the fall… and continue rolling to the end. I hurt my knee and my elbow, and sprained my right arm, and I scratched my abdomen.

My brother had to help me because I couldn’t stand up, so we went home early. I was dragging my leg and felt all my body burning. But I think it hurt me more the scolding. You know how Mexicans moms are, they first hit you and after ask you what happened.

Luis Javier Hervert Cadena