The first time that I got injured was when I was making a little mischief to my cousin, I was only playing but it ended badly.

I tied his feet and ran away, so in the hall of my house was a cable crossed, and you had to jump every time you pass there; So I was running away, and I didn’t jump the cable so I fell down over some rubbish that my grandpa had outside his room and I screamed very loud, and my mom and stepfather were passing and saw me but they thought that I was playing, then they saw all the blood and took me to the bathroom but I didn’t stop bleeding, because I had cut my arm badly, and we went to the emergency room.

The doctor said that I had cut one blood vessel, that’s why the blood didn’t stop, and they had to suture the arm, and when the doctors and the nurses asked me about what happen I told them that I was making a mischief and they just laughed because it was all my fault.

My grandpa told that it was Jesus’s way to say that he loves me, because it was in a Holy Saturday at 3 pm, and also I learned the lesson to  have a good behavior and not make tricks.