Well, in this article I’m going to talk about the day when I sprained my ankle. This story was many years ago when I was in elementary school, at that time maybe I was eight years old.

When I was a kid my favorite sport was basketball and I remmenber playing a lot of games with the team of the school, but that’s really curious because I have never been very good with sports, yes, I was that girl that always fell in a half of a game and started crying.

Many times I fell but never something serious, I’m talking about only a little scratch on my knees or something like that. Until one day, I was playing “Reloj” with my friends, it’s a common game with which you can practice your shots on basketball. The game had just begun and I was the first shot so, I prepared myself, did a little jump and shot, but then I took a wrong step and in that moment I officially sprained my ankle. It was really painful and I cried a lot. But that day was the last day that I played basketball, I don’t know but maybe because of that I didn’t see basketball again with eyes of love.