Since I was a child, I have always had accidents, and the results of them were cuts, and bruises. The one I most remember, is when I was like ten years old, I was on my grandpa’s house, watching tv, so I started playing with my brother, we were laughing, but my arm started to hurt, so when I check my arm I discovered it was bleeding. I was so scared, it was a lot of blood, so I ran to tell to my parents, they got scared, so quickly they took my to the hospital, there my doctor took care of it, and they had to do a surgery quickly, I was anesthetized in the cut (it hurted a lot) and they sewed my cut, I received 6 stitches, and took me like a month to got recovered. But what happened to me? How did I get cut? Well, while I was playing with my brother, he took a razor that he found on my grandpa’s bedroom, so accidently he cut me with the razor, and that’s how it happened.