One day, When I was a child, I was playing soccer with my friends in the street. When we finished playing, we went to a friend’s house, his house was near, that’s why he invited us to drink water there. Once on the house, we started to play with his father work tools, I took a hammer and he took a screwdriver. Then, when I was going to leave, he told me that he wanted to show me something in the laundry room, so we went there. The thing that he wanted to show me was a machete, I’d never seen one in my life, he let me play with the machete, but when I left the room he said: “Hey!” So I turn arround and he hit me with the machete, but I put my hand and he only cut it. I cried for ten minutes I guess, then my mom took me to the hospital.

José Luis Alatorre Ortega