If it’s the first time you cook…¡Don´t do it alone!, but if you have done it already, even for years, be careful anyway.

I have known how to cook since I was 16 years old, but now I am 20 and I just have had a minor burn. Let me explain you how it happened, so you will not make the same mistake.

When you cook something with oil to fry food like quesadillas, you should use just the necessary and it will be good for your health and the food will still be good.

But you have to remember that some things need to be changed or give them maintenance, like the cooker hood, because it has a mesh that catches the smoke and grease, if  you are not careful the oil to fry can drop on the fire of the stove and make the flame bigger, that maybe can reach the cooker hood and catch on fire, because the mesh was dirty…that´s why I got a minor burn, thankfully my family was there to help me to turn off the fire.