By Martín Castillo

There’s a lot going on in Mexico: people getting killed because of their work as journalists, students disappearing and a government who doesn’t give a damn about all of this. And this is not all, in the past days, Carmen Aristegui, a mexican journalist, gave the news that she has been monitored by the government through a spy program named “Pegasus”.

It’s not just her, the whole mexican population has been under the eye of this program. International organizations have disapproved the actions of the mexican government, even Edward Snowden, a former employee of the CIA who knows about espionage, has given his opinion about this, saying that spying the people is a “Crime against the public”.

When we can’t feel safe talking through the phone, when we feel in danger walking on the streets and when we fear our own government, are we really free? And if we aren’t free then how can we have a normal life in this country? The mexican people has to stick together now more than ever, we’re living in a dangerous time and we, as the people who make this country work, need to be alert of all of these problems, to point them out and do something about it. No one is going to come and save us, that’s work for us to do, we have done it before and I really hope that we do it again, for our own safety.